Soma Houseboats

We are in the state of Kerala in India. Kerala is located in the south of India and is known for the backwaters, an area full of lakes, canals and rivers. The best way to explore the backwaters is with a traditional houseboat. And that is exactly what we have done with one of the boats from Soma Houseboats.

At 12 o’clock we were ready on the quay where we could check in for our private houseboat for 1 night. Including a cook and a captain we have made a trip through this special area with a luxurious traditional houseboat. You sail through lakes and canals that are surrounded by hundreds of palm trees, rice fields and small villages. A relaxed way to explore the area.

The boat itself was really beautiful! It had a spacious bedroom with the finest bed we have slept in so far in India, a spacious bathroom with all facilities and a kind of open living room under a bamboo cover at the front of the boat. Here was a dining table, two chairs and another relax couch just behind the captain. Along the way the captain told things about the area.

The food on the boat was also divine! After two hours of sailing an extensive local lunch was ready for us. There were 8 different dishes in front of us, all with fresh local ingredients. Delicious! With a full belly we sailed the rest of the afternoon until 5:30. Then the boat was parked for the evening. At the end of the afternoon we had cup of tea with fried banana and in the evening another extensive dinner was waiting for us. Again different dishes with local food. What an enjoyment!

The next morning, after a good night of sleep, the breakfast was waiting for us. With fresh fruit, juice, omelette and other local dishes. I think we will miss all that delicious food. At 9 o’clock we sailed back to the harbour where we unfortunately had to say goodbye to the boat.

Soma Houseboats is highly recommended if you want to spend a night on a houseboat. We greatly enjoyed the luxurious room, the delicious food, the beautiful view and the friendly staff!

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