4-days boattour Komodo Islands

We did a 4-days boattour Komodo Islands with Wanua Adventure from Lombok, along the Komodo islands with Flores as final destination. A beautiful but also a rough journey ..

Day 1 & 2

The trip started Saturday in the afternoon on a large boat with 30 people. After a few hours of sailing we arrived at our first stop, Kenawa island. Here we watched the sunset on a hill. Back on the boat we were able to enjoy a sky full of stars on the roof of the boat. After sailing half the night we arrived at Moyo Island in the morning. Here we took a walk to a waterfall and snorkeled in the clear water with blue starfish.

Until then it was all quiet. But that afternoon the sea began to get rougher. And from that moment on we would sail 20 hours straight to arrive at the Komodo Islands the next morning. The majority of the boat unfortunately became seasick, including Diede. So that was a bit of a disappointment.

After this heavy night on the rough sea, the highlight of the boat trip started. Still completely dazed we jumped into the water with our snorkel to search for the Manta rays. And wow, this was fantastic. We jumped off the boat and landed a meter in front of a huge manta ray. How cool to see such a flying carpet floating in front of us. Awesome!!

Day 3 & 4

On day 3 & 4 we explored the Komodo islands. Lots of snorkeling, chilling on Pink Beach, drinking beers on the deck and enjoying the view while sailing on the boat. The next morning we got up early to watch the sunrise from a beautiful viewpoint on the mountain. We also made a trip that day on the island of Rinca in search of the Komodo dragon. This huge lizard can grow up to three meters and is not harmless. We have spotted a number of them. After this island we sailed further to Labuan Bajo, our final destination on the island of Flores. We recommend the 4-days boattour Komodo Islands to everyone.

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