Acatenango volcano

Wow, this is already one of the highlights of our trip! We did the two-day hike on the Acatenango volcano. At 11 o’clock we started with a group of about 20 people + 3 guides. The first hour went up steeply, that was heavy. Especially because you also had to carry 4 liters of water and some clothing. Then it went quite steep for about 3 hours. After a few breaks and a delicious lunch on the volcano we finally arrived at Basecamp after 4.5 hours.

Acatenango Vulkaan

Our sleeping place for the evening was at 3700 meters altitude. The guides prepared dinner here for us while we were enjoying a beautiful sunset and the spewing volcano Fuego. Very special to see, because the Fuego volcano erupted in June and at this moment he spits out a little lava every quarter of an hour. During the day you hear a hard bang every time followed by a thick smoke plume and in the evening you saw a real fireworks show with flying lava.

After a cold, rainy night full of thunderstorms, we were woken up at 4 a.m. to walk the last bit to the summit. We had to walk for about an hour on pitch-black lava sand with an erupting volcano in the background, when we finally arrived at the top. And wow a nice view for the sunrise. Surrounded by several volcanoes the sun slowly rose, beautiful colors!

Then we went back to Basecamp where the guides already had an oatmeal breakfast ready for us. After we collected our stuff, we walked all the way down in about 2.5 hours. At the moment we are still enjoying this adventure! View the drone images of our trip above that we have made in cooperation with the Tropicana hostel.

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