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Finally, on the 1st of February we picked up the new Jimny 4×4 with roof tent at Nomad America to go camping for 9 days in Costa Rica! After the explanation about the car and planning the route we started our journey.
In collaboration with Nomad America we made the following drone movie! Check it out below!

Laguna de Arenal

After a two hours drive we arrived at our first place to sleep, Laguna de Arenal. A large lake with a view of the Arenal volcano. We came across a beautiful spot near the lake with a kind of beach and a view of the iconic volcano. Our first time of camping in the wild in Costa Rica. It was a bit cloudy and it started to rain a little bit. But we could sit comfortably under our awning.

We cooked spaghetti and drank a beer. Enjoyed the view for a while and then we were accompanied by fireflies all around us. In the morning we were awakened by howler monkeys and many tropical birds.

Nomad America


The next day we drove to Monteverde, to make a hike through the cloud forest. The road to Monteverde was great, with the 4×4 we crossed a number of rivers. The whole route was unpaved, so it was two hours of bumping and gobbling in the Jimny. But really driven through a beautiful mountainous landscape. Once we arrived in Monteverde we made a hike of 3 hours through the forest. A nice walk and on the way we spotted coatis, howler monkeys and a quetzal.

After the hike we drove to our sleeping place. We slept on the grounds of ‘Restaurante Camping Turin’, in an open space on a mountain next to a river. Very nice spot with beautiful views. We were the only one here. In the evening we enjoyed a beautiful sky full of stars. In the morning when we were having breakfast, some toucans just flew by!

Nomad America

Playa Mina

After Monteverde we drove to Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast. It is a totally different area than the rest of Costa Rica. The roads are bad and in some places you can only come with a 4×4. So a really good place for the Jimny to drive around. We first had a lunch at a beach and drove to Playa Mina at the end of the afternoon.

Here we found a beautiful spot on the beach between the trees in the shade. When it was dark there was no one to see and we had the whole beach for us alone. In the evening we were drinking a beer and where enjoying the sky full of stars when suddenly something walked over Diede’s foot. To our great surprise it was a baby turtle! And it was not one, but dozens of baby turtles crawled under our chairs along the way to the sea. What a special moment!! And as if we had not seen enough animals, in the afternoon there was also a whale swimming by when we were sitting on the beach. It is one big zoo here, so cool.

Nomad America

Playa San Juanillo & Playa Camaronal

We continue our way down the coast along several beaches. At Playa San Juanillo we once again found a beautiful spot among the trees. With a view of a beautiful sunset. Wakened again in the morning by monkeys rustling in the tree above us. The next day we visited more beaches and at Playa Carrillo we baked pancakes on the beach between the palm trees. We enjoyed it really much!

In the evening we found a place to sleep near Playa Camaronal. We ended up at Carao Project, this is a lodge where we could sleep on the premises. We could use the swimming pool and the shower here. Wonderful to have some facilities after 5 days ‘showering’ in the sea.

Nomad America

Playa Coyote

Completely refreshed we drove further to the south, to Playa Coyote. On the way we ate a real brick oven pizza with an Italian man in his cool tree house. That was very nice! At Playa Coyote we found a very nice spot between two palm trees by the sea. Read, chilled, walked and cooked along the beach. We were accompanied by a squirrel that climbed every time in the palm tree.

Nomad America

Bowie’s Point

The next day we drove through the melon plantations to Playa Hermosa. We have left the peninsula and drove down along the Pacific coast. Spotted some crocodiles on the way. We drove over a bridge called the crocodile bridge. So this was worth to take a look over the edge in the water. And yes, there they were. Big crocodiles, a handful together. It’s all possible here in Costa Rica. Spend the night at Bowie’s point, in the garden on the beach.

Nomad America


We drove on towards Uvita. On the way at Playa Matapalo we swam, walked and baked an egg on the beach. In the afternoon we drove to our last place to sleep with the Jimny, Playa Uvita. Enjoyed our last evening here. We made a walk through the jungle and across the beach and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

The next day we unfortunately have to return the Jimny. What a great experience!! Certainly one of the highlights of our trip. It was one big adventure, lots of animals and unforgettable sleeping places on the beach. Thanks Nomad America & the Jimny for this great experience.

Nomad America
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