Selina La Fortuna

I think this is the most relaxing place in Costa Rica. We slept four nights in a teepee tent in Selina La Fortuna. In order to preserve the camping feeling of the past few days, we slept in a tent. And not just a tent, but a hut with a roof of banana leaves with a good mattress, a mosquito net and a fan. Glamping it is!

If you want a different experience for sleeping, the teepee is highly recommended. They all sit together on a lawn with a large fire pit in the middle that they light every night. This creates a nice hippie-like camping atmosphere, where you can all sit around the campfire.

If you are not ‘camping’ kind of person, no worries. Selina La Fortuna offers different types of accommodations, from private rooms to dorms. In addition, the hotel has a cozy bar with a restaurant. Here you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. We have tasted almost all the breakfasts from the menu and they were all divine! So try a breakfast if you are here, especially the ‘Fancy Pancakes’ or the ‘Vegan Avocado toast’ are recommended.

In the area of ​​La Fortuna is so much to do. At the activities desk they offer various activities such as a volcano hike, hotsprings, ziplining, rafting and trips in the area. Plenty things to do here, especially if you like outdoor activities. Of course you can also enjoy a day at Selina. They have a pool with sun loungers where you can chill all day if you want. There is also a movie room and a reading room where you can have fun.

We have been here 4 nights and enjoyed our stay very much. We made a hike and visited a hotspring. Well arranged by Selina. For everyone a must so to visit this relaxed place and do some activities.

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