KOONING Georgetown

Georgetown, the bustling capital of the Malaysian island of Penang. The perfect place for us. Nice restaurants and beautiful old buildings. It is not without reason that in 2008, UNESCO declared downtown Georgetown a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Georgetown is a city with eastern and western influences. This ensures that you can eat well on every corner of the street. From Indian curry in Little India and Chinese noodles in China Town to western cafes where you can eat a delicious egg sandwich with avocado (tip! Mugshot café & Yin’s Sourdough Bakery).

Georgetown is also the place we returned to during our trip. We missed the city and our hotel KOONING. This new hotel is exactly at the right location: Campbell street! Centrally located between the cozy cafes and shops. But also close to the boat terminal and bus stop to go to Penang National Park or Penang Hill.

The rooms have a surprising layout, as they are designed as a vide. The bathroom and living room on the ground floor and the bed one floor higher. This allows you to cocoon. A surprising and pleasant way to sleep! If you are not completely charmed by this. KOONING continues to surprise. They also have beautiful rooms with a balcony. Here the bed is just on the ground floor.

In total we went to Georgetown for a week and a half after two visits. Nature, cozy restaurants, nice people, good sleep and nice food has made Georgetown one of the highlights of Malaysia for us.

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