Selina Red Frog

A paradise surrounded by jungle, that is Selina Red Frog! What a wonderful place to relax and especially to enjoy nature. It may just be that you are at the pool and spot a sloth in the tree. How cool is that! At Selina Red Frog they organize various activities such as yoga and workshops. So you do not have to get bored here. The accommodation also has a cozy bar and a restaurant.

The beach is close by, you walk first 5 minutes through a super nice jungle path and then you end up on Red Frog Beach. A golden/yellow beach with good surf waves. So if you like surfing, you can also contact Selina Red Frog. You can rent surfboards and they also offer lessons.

Do you want to explore the area? That is also possible. Selina Red Frog offers various tours, such as a day trip to Cayo Zapatillo. We did this day trip and this is highly recommended. Around 10 o’clock you will be picked up with a boat. You first sail to ‘sloth island’ where you also spot dolphins on the way if you are lucky. Sloth island is as you might suspect an island full of sloths. So nice to see these animals hanging everywhere in the trees.

Then you sail to Cayo Zapatillo, this is truly a paradise. It is everything you expect from a tropical island. White beach, palm trees and blue water! What else do you want? To finish it off completely, the guide also provides a few beers or rum pineapple. After two hours of swimming, chilling, enjoying the tropical view and relaxing, the boat sails to Cayo Coral. Here is a delicious lunch waiting for you, you can snorkel or read a book in the hammock. You will return to your accommodation around four o’clock and if you are lucky you will encounter dolphins again! We were lucky and saw a few swimming by.

You can easily entertain yourself for a few days at Selina Red Frog, this place is amazing!

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