Bikes ‘n Wines

Cycling and wine, how more Dutch do you want it? Of course we never forgot how to ride a bicycle and during this Bikes ‘n Wines bike tour you learn that the Dutch have started making wine in South Africa.

In the very nice town of Stellenbosch we participated in the Adventure Ride of Bikes ’n Wines. We thought it would be great to go by mountain bike along three different wine farms!

Start of our biketour

At 10 o’clock we gather at the wine farm Asara. A beautiful place among the vineyards. The other participants who have been picked up in Cape Town are already there. Two pleasant Belgians, a French and a Singaporean. Unfortunately we do not start testing wine here, but we are allowed to cycle immediately.

The first stop is at the smallest wine farm in the region, Lovane. They make between 10 and 12 thousand bottles of wine here. In comparison, the neighbor makes more than a million. This makes Lovane an exclusive wine that is not sold outside of South Africa. In the basement we received an explanation from the sommelier and of course there must be tasted. The taste was good, and after several test rounds with white, red and rosé wines we were allowed to ride the bike again.

Since it is an Adventure Ride, there is no cycling on the paved road but we were allowed to ride between the vineyards. This gives you a good impression of the size of the vineyards. Stellenbosch is responsible for most of South African wine production, and that can be clearly seen by bicycle.

Lunch & wine tastings

The second stop is at the Skilpadvlei. Indeed you read the word turtle here. Here you will find land turtles. During this stop there was also lunch, so we can combine wine tasting nicely with a nice piece of meat (or vegetarian if you like). In addition to wine making, South Africans can prepare delicious food! The combination of wine, food and friendly people made this a very pleasant stopover.

The last part of the route went over a hill, with a beautiful view of Cape Town and Table Mountain. Along the vineyards we drove to the last winery of the trip, Asara. The starting point of the tour. Tired but satisfied after a hilly journey of over 20 kilometers, we have tasted the last three wines here. With a beautiful view of the wine cellar. This trip is a must do if you are in South-Africa! 

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