Rinjani trekking

Mount Rinjani, the 2nd highest mountain of Indonesia. This week we made a two day trek on the way to the top with Central Rinjani Trekking. Unfortunately, the original path to the top of the Rinjani was wiped out last year by the earthquake. But the immense crater rim consists of different peaks. So we climbed the top of the Kondo, which is next to the Rinjani.

The first day at 9 o’clock in the morning we started our trekking with a guide and two porters. First between the banana plantations, followed by jungle, rainforest, flower fields and finally after 6 hours of hard work we arrived at basecamp. Our place to sleep for that evening. A beautiful spot above the cloud cover. Here we were able to relax in the sun while our tents were being set up. After a wonderful Nasi Goreng made by our guide and the porters, we enjoyed the sunset and then quickly crawled into our tent.

Way to the top

After a cool night in the tent we were awakened at 4:00 am. We continued our way to the top. What a hard, but beautiful trip. We had to cross two other peaks before we would eventually reach the top. It was heavy, cold and dark, but after two hours of climbing, the end finally came. We were at the top just before dawn. There was a strong ice cold wind, but we were rewarded with a great view of the crater lake and the top of the Rinjani. Lombok, the gili islands and Bali were also visible from the top.

After the necessary photos and videos we started our way back. The first stop was our campingspot, where a breakfast was waiting for us. Then we walked all the way down, descending a total of 4.5 hours. If you think that only climbing a mountain is heavy then you are wrong .. There was no end to the descent. Our tired legs also provided the necessary slidings and sprained ankles. Eventually we arrived at the car completely demolished. Relieved, but satisfied we ended this amazing tour.

Prices Rinjani Trekking

Prices for the tour:
1 person | 200$ per person
2 persons | 175$ per person
3-4 persons | 135$ per person
5-10 persons | >135$ per person

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