Selina Casco Viejo

Panama, special city! Two worlds come together here. Large buildings, skyscrapers, an impressive skyline. And on the other hand, it looks like you’ve landed in Spain. Colonial buildings, cute balconies, beautiful churches and ruins. During our 4 days in Panama City we stayed in the old neighbourhood, Casco Viejo. We slept here in the Selina Casco Viejo. A super hip accommodation located on a great spot. When you walk out the door you will see the skyscrapers on your left and on the right you will be standing between the beautiful colonial buildings.

The Selina hotel has a trendy interior and is located in an industrial building. The art and beautiful street art make it complete. After you have explored the city you can enjoy yourself in the hostel. Read a book in the super nice decorated library, watch a movie in the cinema or go to the roof top and take a dip in the pool and enjoy the AMAZING view of the skyline of Panama City. You can also enjoy delicious food in the restaurant downstairs or have a drink at the bar.

Have you seen the whole city and would you like to visit the San Blas islands or do some other activities? That can also be arranged at Selina. So when you want a nice stay in the city, stay at Selina Casco Viejo!

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