Selina Granada

Nicaragua, what a fantastic country! Beautiful colonial cities, cozy squares, many restaurants, cute churches, nice people. Nicaragua has it all. Despite the political situation of the beginning of this year (2018) it is now quiet again and therefore great to travel around.

Granada, with all its beautiful buildings, is like Spain but with a Latin American vibe. Good combination! In the beautiful city Granada we slept at an even beautiful accommodation, named Selina Granada. It is located at a top location on the square opposite the big yellow cathedral.

Selina is THE place to stay if you want to explore Granada. The design is super hip, it has a cozy bar, a good restaurant, a swimming pool, a kitchen, a cinema and a library. If you do not have enough entertainment with them, they also organize an activity every day. Such as beer pong, movie nights, yoga and so on.

Want to see something of the surrounding? That is also possible at Selina. They organize different day trips to beautiful places in the area. For example, spend a day relaxing at the crater lake Laguna de Apollo or end the day with a look into the crater of an active volcano. Lava guaranteed!

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