Karan Desert Safari

We are currently traveling around Rajasthan in northern India. We have visited many forts, temples and palaces here. But the highlight of our tour around Rajasthan is the camel safari through the desert provided by Karan Desert Safari near the town of Jaisalmer.

At 3 o’clock we were picked up by a jeep. After a while we arrived at a tree in the desert where the camel man was already waiting for us with four camels. We made a beautiful trip of one and a half hour through the desert on the camel. Along the way we even saw a number of antelopes. What a quietness and what an expansive view. At the end of the afternoon we arrived at the sand dunes where we would spent the night.

When we arrived we drank chai tea and received some local snacks while we saw the sun sinking into the desert sand. In the meantime, a delicious local meal was being cooked for us. Beautiful place and wonderful to enjoy the peace compared to all the honking scooters, rickshaws and cars in the city.

After we had chatted all night and watched the full moon, it was time to go to sleep. Our beds were made up in the middle of the sand dunes. Surrounded by sand, peace and the light of the full moon we fell asleep. In the morning we were awakened by a beautiful sunrise with the entire area illuminated by orange sunlight. A magical start to the day. After a cup of chai tea and a local breakfast it was time to make a ride on the camel again. Along the way we even met a mother with baby camel. Finally we arrived at the village where we were brought back to Jaisalmer by jeep.

What a special and unforgettable experience!!

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