Selina Manuel Antonio

The last three days we stayed at a beautiful spot on the edge of the jungle. Namely at Selina Manuel Antonio. Located on a short distance from the popular Manuel Antonio park. So if you plan to visit this park, Selina Manuel Antonio is the perfect base.

If you are not necessarily here to visit the park, you can also enjoy yourself here. This Selina has three swimming pools. One pool is located at the bar, here you can chill, order a cocktail and listen to the music. The other two swimming pools are on the edge of the hotel with a view of the jungle. Here you can quietly swim and enjoy all the bird sounds around you.

Selina Manuel Antonio also has a good restaurant, where you can from morning until evening. Definitely try the delicious breakfast. We enjoyed the freshly baked banana bread, fruit, pita bread with hummus, vegetables, rice with beans and so on. It is a buffet so you fill up your own plate. It is really delicious!

Do you want to relax or watch the sunset? Then go to the huge roof terrace. Here you can find several beautiful places to enjoy the views around you. And especially the jungle at the back of the hotel.

You will not get bored easily here because Selina Manuel Antonio organizes something every day and they offer different tours and activities in the area. This place is highly recommended!

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